Sunday, June 5, 2011

One Month Three Days

It has been one month & three days since my double jaw/chin surgery. That is hard to believe!! I look back at the pictures and I do see a difference, I'm sorry to say but I am still not sure what to think of it all. People tell me I look great but I'm still a little uneasy about my face. I know it all takes time and so therefore I will be patience. I still have swelling in my cheeks and on the right side of my face. I know it will take a year or so for everything to go back into place. I do see each day changes so I am hopefully

I have gone back to work this week and surprising enough it isn't to bad. My jaw does get sore by the end of the day. I'll come home and put some heat or cold packs on my face and take some Advil.

I was at the surgeon this week and he wants me to continue with wearing my elastics at night which suits me fine. He stated that it is holding everything in place. I mentioned to him about the swelling on my right side jaw and he wants me to keep a close on it as it could be a sign of infection. I see him in two weeks and might actually get to start chewing again, he wants me to start stretching my mouth a little at a time. He also told me I am still using my chin muscle and that should drop by 30%. I explained to him I don't have any feeling in my chin and I actually don't notice using it. I have noticed that my gums are growing somewhat over my teeth. I have no feeling on my top jaw or teeth pretty weird when I brush my teeth. I will need to mention that to him when I go back to see him.

Currently I have come down with a cold and what the worse part about it is I am not allowed to blow my nose, reason being is stitches in my nose could rip apart and cause some major problems. I have another few weeks before I can blow my nose too. Tried taking Sudafed but that does work very well with intersitital cystitis so had to discontinue using that so I'll grin and bare it and let the cold run its course!

I go see the Ortho this week he had stated last week they will be changing my top wire. When I seen him last week he took the bottom wire off and alot of those nasty hooks that were tearing my bottom lip apart. Very very thankful for those to be gone. He is also happy with how things are going too. Like I said everything will come together all in due time !!!

One Month three days

Trying to smile but still have numbness.

Side profile

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